Chargerville is a platform for electric vehicle drivers to share reviews, tips, and comments about charger locations and nearby amenities.

When traveling across the country, during our first year of owning a Tesla, we dreamed of a single platform that would help us select chargers, tell us what was nearby, and provide a place where we could share our experiences and learn about other’s.

We wanted to be able to select chargers based on things that mattered to us: what food options were nearby, how safely and easily could those be reached, and how pleasant was the area around the charger. Once there, we wanted to know which of the restaurants or shops we should visit.

Chargerville was designed to:

  • Share feedback on charger locations

  • Provide insight into quality food options and amenities nearby

  • Reveal how easily nearby places can be reached on foot

  • Provide an overall rating of the charger environment

About the Ratings:

Ratings are from 1 (low) to 5 (high).

  • Charger ratings provide an overall assessment of the charging location, factoring in safety, comfortability, ease of access, and local amenities.

  • Food and amenity ratings describe the overall experience at a restaurant, hotel or shop near the charging location

  • Walkability ratings (for each amenity) rank not just distance, but whether walking to there from the charger is safe and manageable, or dangerous and unpleasant

    • 1 designates a treacherous walk (e.g., having to cross a multi-lane, high-speed road without pedestrian crossings)

    • 5 designates a safe, four-season sidewalk the entire way

Together we can discover more about the charger experience and make it better. Welcome to Chargerville!