11 Charger Reviews:

  • Ocala Supercharger

    Could be nice but kind of deserted

    Kind of a nice shopping and eating area but mostly empty stores so feels deserted. Chargers are in front of Mimi's and within view of the road so shouldn't be too bad at night.

  • Lake City Supercharger

    Pretty good but not late at night

    We were here later at night and I'm glad I wasn't here alone. There do seem to be a lot of good places to eat nearby but after hours it's not too comfortable.

  • Tifton Supercharger

    Coffee & Food!

    Not necessarily a nice area but there is a good Starbucks and a few other food options fairly close by without having to risk your life to get to them.

  • Auburn Alabama Supercharger

    OK, not great

    There are a few food options around. Likely the best option for coffee & laptop is Panera Bread (Opelika & Univ) but be careful crossing Opelika. There is a sidewalk around the entire mall so you can safely get some steps in if you want.

  • Mt. Vernon Supercharger

    A few options

    Located right by the entrance to the Holiday Inn so should be fairly safe at night. There are several eating options nearby. There's a sidewalk on this side of the street but it's right next to fast traffic. The sidewalk on the other side is set off a ways which is good but crossing over there is really scary.

  • Champaign, IL Supercharger

    OK, not great

    There are a couple of fast food asian places nearby. Also a Ruby Tuesday and Outback but this require running across busy roads before the traffic lights turn green.

  • Normal Supercharger

    Great area for a charger

    This is a great area for a charger. There are a lot of good options for eating, coffee, or just walking around. Not sure about late nights though. Fri & Sat would probably be OK since there'd be lots of students around but other nights might be iffy and not sure where a good place to go at 4 am would be.

  • Effingham Supercharger

    Getting to Starbucks could be deadly

    There's a TGI Friday's and Wendy's within easy walking distance. Getting to Starbucks is quite dangerous. The lights aren't long enough unless you run and drivers are also making very fast turns without stopping or looking. Be careful.

  • Kuttawa Supercharger


    Chargers are back behind the Hampton Inn and well lit. Hampton folks are quite nice though and welcome Tesla people to use the restrooms and have a seat and a cup of coffee in their lobby.

  • Nashville-Brentwood

    Nice looking Tesla store but no coffee places nearby

    Tesla have a Keurig coffee machine but otherwise you're kind of out of luck. However, if they're open and not busy they'll take you to a local coffee place and pick you up later. There are a few places for lunch or dinner within walking distance.

  • Birmingham, AL Supercharger

    OK during day, perhaps not at night.

    During the day this area is fine but I'm not sure I'd want to come after hours. Numerous good places to hang out while charging like Octane Coffee and Mugshots. There are also lots of options in downtown but beware that Birmingham is not as pedestrian friendly as most cities. If you just want to stretch your legs a walk to Railroad Park is well worth it on a nice day.

8 Place Reviews:

  • Mimi's Cafe

    Good or bad?

    This is kind of a high-end Denny's type of place. One of us enjoyed our meal the other very much not. Very friendly service though.

  • Starbucks

    One of the better ones

    Starbucks aren't great but are fairly reliably not bad either. This one is above average for Starbucks and even has a surprisingly nice place to sit outside given the surrounding environment.

  • Krieger's Sports Bar

    Bad Mgmt

    There were numerous delays with getting our food and similarly with a few others around us. Servers were friendly and apologetic. The manager stopped by and said it'd be 5 minutes - twice - 20 minutes apart. 20 minutes after our charge had finished we finally said we had to go and would just grab something at McDonalds and our food suddenly appeared. Manager did comp us the entire meal which was nice but we'd rather have not wasted so much time. Food was OK but not great. Also wasn't thrilled with the Playboy slot machines. We'll do Cracker Barrel next time.

  • Starbucks

    OK if you survive

    It's a Starbucks. Not great but also fairly reliably not bad. Crossing the road to get here is scary.

  • Stave Wine Bar & Market

    What better way to enjoy a charge?

    Friendly owner who's quite knowledgable about a variety of wines. Good place to chill and enjoy some good wines while you charge.

  • Medici


    Very good food and friendly staff. They serve a variety of food but do much better than most places with this wide a variety. I wouldn't classify them as locavore but they do have a number of healthy options and servers are familiar with ingredients.

  • The Oasis Southwest Grill

    Fairly good

    Certainly not gourmet but not bad for dinner on the road and better than most chains. Very friendly staff.

  • Octane: Uptown Birmingham

    Quite good

    Quite good place and friendly staff. Do beware that they pull their shots ristretto so if you prefer a more European style drink then ask them to pull them longo.