4 Charger Reviews:

  • Salina Supercharger

    Salina KS Supercharger

    Nothing next door but a short walk (no sidewalks) of .2 miles is a IHOP & Popeys Chicken. A little further .3mi is McDonalds

  • Colorado Springs Supercharger

    Colorado Springs

    Very hard to Find in a Gated Parking Ramp if it's your first time here at this station!! TESLA drivers get 1 hour free parking validated by the attendant. Say what? See red signs when you drive in! We have to pay for access to these chargers after 3pm weekdays and on weekends. The self pay machine is very confusing and hard to understand and read. I hope no one is behind you waiting to get in if you are a first timer here because it takes time to figure it all out! The maintenance on the card reader is poor so I had to feed dollar bills in or back out! Hope ya have a card that works, change or bills it will read! Backing out is tough if someone pulls in behind you! This is my experience... Not pleasant,, however once parked you are downtown in a trendy place for shops and that's why TESLA put it there I guess.

  • Limon Supercharger

    Limon Colorado Supercharger at Arby's

    Great stop when Arby's is open but I think they close at 9 pm most nights. However there is a few places nearby to look into including a truck stop, T shirt shop, Holiday Inn and others. Has good lighting at night and is within 20 feet of the Arby's building. Not far off the I70 Freeway only about 1 mile. Chargers have easy on off access from I70. The marker above is not exact but very close to the exact location of the chargers

  • Denver Supercharger

    Hampton Inn and Suites

    New style Super Charges with LED lighting. The parking lot is well lit for the hotel parking. There is 2 each J1772 charges also here and they are across the parking lot and only about 25 feet to the South, Southwest. They can be seen in the map graphic above by locating the blue and white parking spot marker on the pavement in the lot near the building. This is a safe area as only hotel guests are around and not much else except a few eating places. The area all around is still being developed so the streets sometimes have dead ends or end nest to a field! The places to eat are not close so check them on the map and see if your up for the walking distance involved.

One Place Review:

  • Goodland 24-7

    Truck Stop Goodland

    24/7 truck stop with 24/7 food snacks restrooms etc