Average Rating: 4.0

6 Superchargers, available 24/7

  • Restrooms
    • Sunmart Travel Plaza
    • McDonald's (24/7)
  • WiFi
    • McDonald's (24/7)

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  • SCUser

    11 reviews

    Pretty good SCs

    From SCUser

    Location - less than a minute off I-35, physically in the parking lot of the Sunmart Travel Plaza (Mobile gas station). Easy to find.

    Charging rate - very good. Followed the general rule of (125kW - battery SOC) rate.

    Facilities - as above, the "travel plaza" is right there, although it seems smaller and less modern than the travel plazas I've seen on major highways. There is a Subway in the travel plaza. McDonald's is about a 3-minute walk away, and there is Taco Mayo a bit further.

  • stitcher20

    1 review

    Easy Access from Freeway

    From stitcher20

    Amenities were scarce. Had a Subway in the gas station. Restrooms available.