29 Charger Reviews:

  • Kuttawa Supercharger

    No coffee places.

    There are no coffee places nearby to work in while charging so if you're not eating then you'll likely be sitting in your car or walking around the parking lot.

  • Nashville-Brentwood

    OK but not great

    If you're here over lunch or dinner you'll find several good options within walking distance. Outside of meal time there are no coffee places though there is coffee in the Tesla store if it's open and they'll welcome you to sit and work on your laptop while you're there.

  • Birmingham, AL Supercharger

    Good Location

    Lots of nearby options for food and walking around. If you want a great meal and some exercise, Café Dupont is on 20th Street in downtown and well worth the 20 minute walk (assuming there will be empty supercharger slots for others).

  • Lutsen Resort

    Good place, good people

    The charger is located on the back of the lodge. When you drive down the hill, drive past the lodge (squeeze between the lodge and the lake) and you'll see them to your left. When we checked in at the front desk they told us that if they were ever blocked to let them know and they'd get the blockage moved.

    This is a wonderful place to enjoy a nice meal or to stay. Great views and staff. Even the amps from the charger seemed better here. :-)

  • Seaside, OR Supercharger

    Crossing 101 is scary

    Very convenient to people traveling 101. Located in an OK outlet mall. Some mediocre food options on this side of 101. Crossing 101 is somewhere between impossible and scary. There are a lot of food, hangout, and entertainment options in Seaside on the other side of 101 and south a bit. Suggest dropping passengers off in Seaside and then driving to chargers and walking back to meet them. Too bad these chargers aren't on the other side of 101 and closer to the nicer downtown area along Broadway.

  • Stephanie Inn

    Wonderful area

    There are not a lot of dining or coffee café options but what's here is excellent. Nice flat beach to walk on and a great view of Haystack rock.

  • Oakdale Supercharger

    A lot of fast food and a good Starbucks but crossing 10th is scary

    Places on the north side of 10th St are safely accessible. Crossing 10th to get to places like Hunan Palace can be scary. Walking south towards Hunan Palace I was almost hit by a car making a right turn on to 10th and then going back to my car was nearly hit by a car making a left turn. In both cases I had a white crossing signal.

    The Starbucks inside Hy-Vee is a kiosk. Much better is to go to the one over next to the Hy-Vee gas station.

  • Ocala Supercharger

    Good food options

    A fairly good selection of food within easy and safe walking distance. This appears to be a fairly new mall but already has over 50% of its space vacated by previous tenants. Mimi's Café gives a 5% discount to Tesla owners.

  • Tallahassee Supercharger

    Overall pretty good

    In a strip mall but a couple of decent places coffee and food. Some of the better food options require crossing very busy streets.

  • Casa Grande Supercharger

    Lots of chain food options but dangerous to get to

    There are sidewalks on both sides of E. Florence Blvd but crossing it is harrowing. You'll need to cross 7+ lanes of traffic with no refuge along the way when you get stuck halfway. Cars drive quite fast and often make right turns without slowing or looking for people in the crossing. Be Very Careful

  • Brandon Supercharger

    Crossing roads can be tricky

    There were a lot of cars and most going quite fast so crossing to restaurants was tricky. In one case one car stopped and as we started to cross another swung around them and almost hit us.

    Otherwise there are several decent chain restaurants, a few local places, and a Starbucks.

  • Duluth Supercharger

    Great area!

    This is a great area with a ton of good food and entertainment options. SE of the ramp (where chargers are located) is the Duluth waterfront area with a number of good restaurants and Amazing Grace Café which has really good cappuccino's. Nice area to walk around. There's a lakes freighter that you can tour and occasionally a much larger one coming in to harbor that you can get a close up look at under the lift bridge. Directly east are some award winning rose gardens that were created when they covered over the freeway (every city should do this).

  • Fort Myers Supercharger

    Safe, Lots of food options

    Chargers are located in a place that should feel fairly safe at all hours. There are a lot of food options within easy and fairly safe walking distance. Some cars do drive too fast through here though and don't always pay attention to people walking.

  • Seaside, FL

    Awesome place!

    About as ideal of a place to charge as you'll find. A number of good restaurant options within safe walking distance. Several of the airstream food trucks are quite good.

  • Chanticleer Inn Bed & Breakfast, a Select Registry Property

    Wonderful place, people, and food

    We learned about this because they had a destination charger. This is a very nice B&B with a really great breakfast. The stuffed waffles aren't to be missed. If you have time it's worth visiting Rock City (yes, of See Rock City barn roof fame) which is a short walk down the street. This will definitely be a stop each year for us now.

  • London Supercharger

    OK, but perhaps not on Fri & Sat nights

    During the day this charger is fine though possibly limited food options. We've not yet tried Cheddars though. On another trip when we arrived on a Saturday night the parking lot was packed (Shiloh Roadhouse?) which made access to the chargers difficult. When we got back to our car another Tesla had arrived and he was being harassed by a bunch of guys. As we were leaving a couple of pickup trucks pealed out and showered the chargers with gravel. Fortunately no cars were charging.

  • Lake City Supercharger

    Lots of chain food options.

    Numerous chain restaurants to choose from and for those on the same side of Hiway 90 there are sidewalks. However there are a lot of drivers not paying attention or not expecting people to actually be walking. Some people might not feel safe here later at night.

  • Mauston Supercharger

    Limited food options

    There are limited food options nearby though more if you're willing to walk a bit. Culver's (a bit better than McDonalds) is likely the best. There are marked crossings where Kennedy St crosses Hiway 82 but be ready to move fast as you'll only have green (white) for a very short period. This will allow you to get across to Mtn Mud Coffee and other places on the north side.

    There are sidewalks all the way in to downtown Mauston for those interested.

  • Hinckley Supercharger

    Not many options but there are cinnamon rolls!

    Easy access on and off the highway. Realistically the only food option you can safely walk to is Tobies. But it's not a bad option. There are some fast food places on the other side of Fire Monument Road that are moderately safe to get to as drivers are usually going fairly slow through here.

  • Country Club Hills Supercharger

    Desolate and limited food options

    Some former big-box stores and strip malls are vacant with the buildings and parking lots deteriorating. I assume this is somewhat recent given satellite images showing cars in some of them so hopefully this will turn around. There are limited food options and with only a couple of exceptions they are difficult to walk to especially in winter.

  • ReMax of the Islands

    Lot's of coffee, food, and shopping nearby

    This is what a charger location should be. Lots of options for coffee, food, and shopping as well as just walking around. There is little motor traffic and what traffic exists is slow and attentive to people walking.

    BTW, the charger is located on the Woster Ln side of the building.

  • GEM Remotes

    Friendly people, nice town

    Kudos to the owner of GEM for making this available. It saved our bacon.

  • Chattanooga Supercharger

    In the airport. Tesla Nav will send you the wrong way.

    Located in the pay parking lot but if you're there less than 2 hrs there is no charge on exit. Note that depending on the direction you are coming from that Tesla Nav will send you the wrong way so plan your route ahead.

  • Indianapolis Supercharger


    Great if you're staying at La Quinta though there are no lights on this end of the parking lot for night security. Steak & Shake, Fujiyama, McDonalds, and Starbucks are somewhat safely accessible (even in winter snow) and drivers seem considerate. Walking over to any place on the west side of Emerson doesn't seem possible as there are no crosswalks and 8 lanes of traffic.

  • Lafayette Supercharger

    Not good in winter

    Getting to any of the food places in winter can be treacherous. This is a place designed for cars, people who want to walk need not visit. There are no walkways and cars are surprising unappreciative of being slowed by people walking.

  • Madison Supercharger

    Safe, Good food & shopping options

    If the mall is open there are a number of food options including a Starbucks as well as chain store shopping. Doolittle's might be the best food option but you'll have to cross a busy service road with no crosswalk. Not a problem if it's not busy.

  • DeFuniak Springs Supercharger

    Seemingly desolate but actually quite nice

    There's a pretty good coffee place and some other food options within easy and fairly safe walking distance. There's also a nice park on the north end of the lake (cross the RR tracks at Crescent and walk behind Southeby's Auctions).

  • Louisville Supercharger

    Fairly good location with good coffee close by

    Good location. Fairly safe feeling. Crossing Gardner Ln can be a challenge as cars don't stop. OTOH, Heine Bros coffee is quite good and a great place to hang while charging. No really good restaurants though Bulkhead Mtn grill is OK and better than typical chain food.

  • Eau Claire Supercharger

    Hidden but OK

    Hidden in the alley behind the buildings. OK during the day or when people are around. Some might not feel safe here late night. OK food options but nothing to write home about.

37 Place Reviews:

  • Sportsman's Lodge

    Not great, but pretty good

    This is not great food but it's not bad. We had salads, bourbon bacon cheeseburger, and tuna melt. Granted, these are tough to mess up too bad which is why we chose them.

  • Mug Shots

    Fair to good

    Not great, not bad, friendly service, nice outdoor seating. Above average compared to what's near most Superchargers and better and seemingly fresher than many similar small chains.

  • Sea Level Bakery & Coffee

    Annoying visit but good drinks

    Enjoyable walk along a carless street from the Stephanie Inn Chargers. Cappuccino & Hot Chocolate both very good. Unfortunately there were some exceptionally annoying children screaming and banging spoons on steel chairs for much of our visit which made for a rather unpleasant time.

  • Stephanie Inn Dining Room

    Very good 5 course Prix Fixe w/ wine pairing

    Staff are friendly, welcoming, and provide a good service. Rather than the beach the restaurant overlooks the Tesla chargers so you can enjoy a nice view of a white S and red X :-)

    We were split on the bread. I liked it, my wife not so much. First course of tuna was OK but somewhat bland. You had to work to get enough sauce from the bottom of the bowl. Second course (crab courgettes for me) was good for both of us. Excellent sorbet for 3rd. Filet Mignon and Halibut for 4th was very good as was the chocolate dessert. Wine pairing was quite good. Would have been nice if they'd brought the bottle with each though as it helps me remember those I like. They did bring out one of the bottles after I asked.

  • Amore Brick Oven Pizza

    Pretty good

    Safe to walk to. Quite good pizza and friendly staff. Not quite as good as places like Punch Pizza in St Paul but still very good.

  • Moe's Southwest Grill

    Similar to Chipotle but better

    Sidewalks and marked crossings the entire way. Food is a bit better than Chipotle. While both Moe's and Chipotle apparently exaggerate how organic and healthy their food is, Moe's does so less so get points for that.

  • Whiskey Bob's Saloon


    Walking here when there's snow or after a heavy rain will require you to walk in the roadway with somewhat fast cars who are not looking for people walking. Food isn't bad and better than Steak & Shake. Healthy isn't their thing here though. It is quite loud and as one bartender noted is a bit wild on Fri & Sat nights.

  • Steak 'n Shake

    Long wait, poor food

    If there's a lot of snow you'll need to walk in the roadways with cars driving fairly fast and not being happy about people walking. They were having a lot of organization problems so it took about 40 minutes for us to be seated and then a long time to get our food which was much too greasy for our tastes. The one good bit is that the staff are quite friendly.

  • Newk's

    Friendly and good sandwiches

    Fairly descent sandwiches, soups, and salads. Of chains I think I'd prefer Panera and I think they're healthier but Newk's isn't bad.

  • Smashburger

    Nice Patio

    Not my favorite burger chain but not bad. They do have a nice outdoor patio though.

  • Eternal Grounds

    Good coffee & atmosphere

    Very good coffee and nice place to hang for a bit while charging. They appear to have somewhat limited hours though.

  • Beyond The Daily Grind Cafe

    Good Coffee, Fairly Nice Walk

    This is about a 3/4 mile walk so probably 15 minutes for most people. Sidewalk the entire way. They've got good coffee, good egg dishes, and devastatingly good bacon.

  • Little Angie's Cantina & Grill

    Great Mexican

    Sidewalks nearly the entire way. On a nice day you can cross 35 at Lake Street, on a not so nice day take the skyway across towards the convention center (also the shortest route). Food is somewhere between genuine Mexican and American Mexican but overall quite good. They also have a good beer selection. They can get crowded at night on on Sat & Sun days when the weather is nice so call ahead. There are a number of other options nearby if they're full.

  • Mimi's Cafe

    Good lunch option

    Quite good lunch options.

  • Panera Bread


    Mostly a safe walk through a parking lot

  • Cracker Barrel

    OK food, good cobbler.

    Not gourmet and doesn't seem to be fresh ingredients but not bad. Cobbler is quite good though.

  • Bud and Alley's Waterfront Restaurant and Bar

    Not what it use to be?

    It was OK but not as good as it once was. A really good option while charging though. Note that there is both a casual and a more upscale restaurant in separate buildings depending on what you're in the mood for.

  • Meltdown on 30A

    Grilled cheese heaven

    Great gooey grilled cheese sandwiches and some really good soups. Worth a visit.

  • Mr T's Pizza St Elmo

    Great Pizza.

    The folks at Chanticleer suggested this as an option since they deliver and we didn't want to drive back down the mountain after a long day driving (and the Alabama v Clemson game was on). Good pizza, good ice cream, and drinks delivered to our cabin door.

  • Texas Roadhouse

    OK chain food

    They have OK chain food. Very limited healthier options though. Note that they use the Nowait iPhone app so you can effectively put your name on the list and get an idea of how long the wait is before walking over. There are sidewalks all of the way there which is good. Be careful of drivers not paying attention or not expecting people walking as many people drive in and out of places without looking.

  • Ellianos Coffee Co.

    On par w/ Starbucks

    Coffee drinks are on par with Starbucks except they have no ceramic mugs. This is not a place to sit and enjoy a coffee while you work on your laptop though.

  • Moe's Southwest Grill


    Clean, friendly service, and fairly decent tasting food for a fast food place. On par with Chipotle. How healthy Moe's food really is vs their claims may be worth considering:


  • Granite City Food & Brewery

    Fairly good chain restaurant

    They have a wide variety of food including a few healthier options. A pretty good selection of tap beer including some from their brewpub.

  • Mountain Mudd Espresso

    Better than most

    Not great coffee but better than Starbucks or other similar chains. Getting there could be an adventure. There are walkways and a crossing but you'll have to hurry at the crossing as you'll not have long before cars start coming. It's a much tougher walk in winter. If good coffee is important and you'll be charging for a while then it may well be worth the trek.

  • Culver's

    Better than McDonalds

    Culver's is a burger and food chain in the upper midwest. Better than McDonalds and BK. Ice Cream (custard) and shakes are very good. In addition to burgers they also have some plated food that's not too bad for a fast food place including some relatively healthy salads.

  • Tobie's Restaurant

    Cinnamon Rolls!

    This has been a destination stop for people driving up to the North Shore for decades. If for no other reason than a sticky gooey cinnamon roll. There are rumors that Tesla owners driving from Chicago to Door County (map it) have determined that this is the best supercharger 'on the way' :-) They also often have some good local beers on tap.

    Otherwise the food is only OK. But yes, there are still those sticky gooey cinnamon rolls.

  • Corner Cafe

    Not so good

    Friendly service but greasy food.

  • Bogey's Bar & Restaurant

    Good shrimp & grits

    Friendly southern hospitality service and good shrimp & grits. Much much better than the fast food options typically found at charger locations.

  • Chili's

    Good for a chain

    They do have some healthy options such as their salmon which isn't too bad. Getting there by foot if there is traffic or snow is not a pleasant undertaking. With snow you'll either have to climb over large crusty piles or walk the long way around on the roads with no shoulders or sidewalks.

  • Buffalo Wild Wings

    Not healthy, but good

    This is kind of cheap guilty pleasure food. The walk is across a parking lot so not too bad and most drivers here seem to be fairly considerate.

  • Culver's

    Good chain burgers

    Better than McDonalds or BK. Somewhere between Wendy's and Five Guys. If there's much traffic or snow the walk can be a bit uncomfortable.

  • Rosie's Cafe & Grill

    Good coffee drinks

    Great place to hang and have a coffee (and maybe a scone). Espresso is not bitter and nice crema. Cappuccino has proper froth and milk isn't scalded. Highly recommended.

  • Applebee's

    It's an Applebee's

    It's an Applebee's. Good service, OK food. Getting there is treacherous and worse in winter. A lot of fast drivers with zero interest in stopping for people who are walking. During winter there are no sidewalks so you'll either have to walk on the road with drivers or create a path through deep snow piled up from snowplows.

  • Doolittle's Woodfire Grill

    Better than most chain food

    Decent food and good service. There are NO crosswalks anywhere around. Crossing the service road with a lot of fast moving cars can be a dangerous challenge.

  • Java Shack

    Surprisingly Good

    Wasn't expecting much but pleasantly surprised with a proper cappuccino. If you take Baldwin Ave it's an OK walk. If you take the shortcut through the alley be prepared to jump out of the way. Both would likely feel desolate at night.

  • Buckhead Mountain Grill

    Better than a chain

    Not great but better than most chain restaurants so a decent option for a meal while charging. Crossing Gardner Ln can be a challenge as cars don't want to stop.

  • Heine Brothers' Coffee

    Very good

    Great coffee and great atmosphere. Twice we've had difficulty crossing Gardner Ln as cars will rarely stop and if one does you're likely to get stuck in the middle with cars going the other way ignoring you.